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Thank  you for visiting my website. I am a writer based in Kent. My first book, a crime novel set in my county, is called Smile Of The Stowaway. It concerns an English couple who return from holiday to find a strange man climbing out from beneath their vehicle. After finding him shelter and a job, their new friend becomes a police suspect. The novel was inspired by a newspaper report by me which appeared in several national newspapers a few years ago about a stowaway.

On Sale Now

Smile Of The Stowaway, my first novel, can be obtained both as a 

paperback book or an eBook.

It can be purchased from Amazon 

From The Conrad Press my 

publisher’s website

From established booksellers like Waterstones and from dozens of 

online retailers.


The lucky winners of the competition held between July 16 and 22 were:

Irma Jurejevic; Jasmine Jordan; Andrea Aspell; Lisa (lilian_2010); Edye (mia2009); 

and Nancy Payette. They each receive a free copy of my novel. 

Congratulations! the competition was organised in conjunction with Rachel's Random Resources and Rafflecopter. 

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