Journalism Gallery

Various crime stories; Evening Standard (1996/97).

Church organist sacked; The Sun; 25th May 1981.

Nude peepshow; Sunday People; 11th September 1983

James Bond hurt; Sunday People; 1979.

John Bishop; Daily Mirror; 23rd October 2015.

Various police stories; Evening Standard (1996/97).

Revenge attacks; 3rd April 1983.

Roadblock murder fury; Sunday People; 28th May 1978.

Rock con all over the world; Daily Mirror; 24th June 2015

Teacher banned; Daily Mirror; 12th March 2015.

Vicar dumps wife; Daily Star; 31st January 1995

Cheap fares; Evening Standard; 30th July 1980.

Shamed star; Daily Star; 22nd September 2007.

Pet saved me; Daily Star; 17th March 2014.

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